Who are we?

Diosa de la Luna Entertainment is a Latina owned burlesque production company on Lekwungen Territory (Victoria, BC). Produced by the Spicy Mami of Burlesque, Hazel Nuez, since our launch in 2019, our goal has been to uplift and promote performers of colour and BIPOC produced shows and businesses.  

What's Melanin Magic?

Melanin Magic is a monthly BIPOC ( Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) event featuring rotating performance styles and communities each show! Catch five feature performers each month while they capture your love and attention. Our priority is showcasing BIPOC performers to create a unique and lively experience for people of colour to celebrate, empower, share stories, and build community. Our rotating themes are drag, burlesque, comedy, live music and dance. Be willing to acknowledge and leap into our world as we see it everyday as our performers bring nothing short of magic. We welcome people of all backgrounds to attend our events , but if you are attending as a non-BIPOC individual, you are an invited guest and you must respect our space.

Our vision 

Our hope is to create a space where Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour can gather to share and create art. A space created for BIPOC by BIPOC. We are dedicated to showcasing and representing our BIPOC community. We hope to encourage more people of colour to perform and create art with us. You belong here and we want to see you bring your magic!

Our Goals:

Diosa de la Luna Entertainment works hard to create spaces where everyone belongs. We are dedicated to representing our BIPOC community. We want to create a space to hold discussions around being an ally and what that means for our community. We want everyone to have a fun and safe time. Some reminders :

  • 1. This space is dedicated to the BIPOC community and is created to amplify their voices and talent.

  • 2. Our goal is to create conversations around privilege

  • 3. Why we don’t have many BIPOC spaces? And why we need more! 

  • 4. We are here to give visibility to BIPOC performers